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Why List your Camper with HAC?

HAC provides a simple, safe, and easy way to have your Camper earn some extra income at times when it would otherwise be sitting around. It is a fantastic way to offset the cost of ownership.



  • Manage the whole process yourself with full support & help from us here at HAC.
  • Complete control over your bookings. You can choose to accept or decline any bookings.
  • You have an opportunity to communicate with the Hirer prior to accepting the booking, further ensuring you have total control on who hires your motorhome.
  • No fixed terms or commitments. 
  • Ability to offer Hirers an instant booking option, this means if you are comfortable with the process you have the option to add an Instant booking option which makes your motorhome available for the Hirer to book instantly. If you would rather have the ability to communicate with the Hirer first then you have this option also as above.
  • Availability calendar. Ability to block out future dates so your vehicle is available when you want to use it and available for hire when you aren’t using it, total flexibility.


Peace of Mind 

  • Full Insurance – your van is fully covered by HAC’s comprehensive insurance from pick-up until drop-off.
  • Our 24/7 nationwide roadside assistance covers everything from breakdowns to discharged batteries while the van is on hire.
  • We screen and check the identity of all potential Hirers so you can be sure the person hiring the Camper can be trusted.



  • HAC takes care of all monthly invoicing and payments. You will receive the money in your account on the 10th of each month following the completion of each booking.
  • Secure payment system.


Do I need a Transport Service License and Certificate of Fitness?

In New Zealand, all motor vehicles that are going to be used as rentals need to go through a Certificate of Fitness (COF), a 6-monthly legal requirement which will supersede your current Warrant of Fitness (WOF) to ensure that it meets all required safety standards.

Also as your vehicle will be used for rental purposes you will need to change over its usage and operate under a Transport Service License (TSL). At any VTNZ (or equivalent) simply tell them that you need a COF and you’d like to change the usage from Private to a Rental because you’re using the Hire A Camper (HAC) platform.

Below are 2 options that you can choose-

Option 1

You can use the Hire A Camper TSL. There is no cost to use the Hire A Caper TSL number, however please be aware that when you do, HAC is obliged to charge you GST on top of the 15% commission. You will find this GST component on your booking summaries. 

If you’re GST registered, you can look into claiming back the GST component HAC charge.

Hire A camper Ltd Transport Service Licence Number
Licence Number: 0317054
License version: 001
Full name of license: Hire A Camper Limited

Option 2

Purchase your own TSL number. You can get your own TSL number for $478.60. (Approx) It is a one-off fee. If you do purchase your own TSL number, we at HAC do not charge you extra GST on top of our 15% commission however we do recommend you speak to your tax specialist. 

For more information, head to the New Zealand Transport Authority website:


Do I need to a Certificate of Fitness or can I still use my WOF?

In New Zealand all rental vehicles must have a COF. This will only affect you if your Campervan has a gross laden weight of less than 3,500kg, as all campervans with a gross laden weight of more than 3,500kg are required to have a COF anyway.

How do I list my Campervan?

  • Simply click on the ‘List my Campervan’ tab to register
  • Complete your personal details along with your Campervan details
  • You will be sent an email from HAC for verification & security
  • You will be asked to create a password for security purposes when signing into your account
  • You can make changes to your account, listing and password at any stage
  • Once you reply to the verification email you will be up and running, your beautiful Campervan will now be visible and available for hire.

What do I do need to confirm at the pickup?

You will need to sight a valid and current drivers licence for all drivers, if the hirer cannot provide a valid & current drivers licence the booking will be canceled, and you will receive full cancelation benefits.


What happens if the Hirer has an accident in my Campervan?

In the unfortunate situation that the Hirer has an accident in your Campervan during the hire, depending on the severity of the situation, the Hirer should contact the proper emergency channels, the Owner of the vehicle, and HAC. 

All of the Campervans listed on the HAC website are insured for each booking through our insurance policy.
Unless the Hirer has already contacted you to notify, HAC will contact you as soon as we have been informed and contacted by the Hirer.

At this stage we can determine if the Campervan is still in a safe condition to drive so the Hirer can continue with their trip or whether the Campervan will need to be repaired, this is determined on a case by case basis and in discussion with the owner.


What happens if the Hirer wants to make changes to the booking while travelling or even wants to cancel?

If the Hirer wants to extend or shorten their booking during their trip, they will need to contact you as well as the HAC team. 
If the Hirer wants to cancel their booking while on their trip, please refer to our cancellation policies in our Terms and Conditions, and then contact the HAC Team. 
Sometimes the Hirer may have to cancel their trip due to Ill health or other unfortunate circumstances.
Please contact the HAC team in this event.


Am I able to cancel a booking once I have accepted it?

We recommend that you double check you are able to accept the booking before you confirm and accept.
A cancelation can impact the Hirer’s travel plans and any flights already booked if you cancel a booking prior to the start of the hire. To compensate the Hirer there is a cancelation fee of $250.00 payable to the Hirer from the owner, please refer our HAC T & C’s.


Once the booking has been completed:


What do I do at the vehicle handover?

Always run back over the (pick up) handover report you completed at the pickup with the Hirer once the Campervan is returned at the end of the Hire.
Both you (the owner) and the Hirer need to agree that the Campervan is returned in the same condition it was given at the start of the hire, as shown and signed off on the pickup handover form.

If you notice any damage to the Campervan at drop off, please document this in the handover report and inform us here at HAC straight away. 

When will I be paid for my booking?

HAC pays all hire commissions to the owners on the 10th of the month in the following month after the hire has been completed.


Insurance for the Owner:

Is my Campervan insured during a hire?

Yes, HAC have a comprehensive policy that starts on the day of the hire and ends on the completion of the hire.

What is uninsurable damage?

Uninsurable damage normally includes any damage that is not a result of an accident.
HAC holds a security deposit which will cover any damage caused by the Hirer up to $3,500.00.


How do I go about putting in a claim for any damage during the hire?

If there is any damage to your Campervan during the hire period contact HAC immediately. 


We will ask you for:

  • A completed handover report showing details at pick up and drop off, signed by both the Hirer & the owner.
  • Photos of all the damage to the Campervan
  • Two quotes for the repair costs  



How do I search for a Campervan?

Simply type in where you want to start your trip, how many berths/beds are required, your start date and end dates. A list of vehicles that are available will be shown, you will also be able to refine your search from this list.

Do the prices vary from season to season and month to month?

Prices will vary by season and month (peak period from Dec-March), you can see the seasonal pricing when you enter your search dates.

Are there any restrictions on children?

This is dependent on how many beds/berth the campervan has, most owners allow children. It will depend on whether the vehicle is set up for car & booster seats.

Can I bring my pet?

Some of our owners will allow pets, you can filter to find pet friendly Campervans

Is smoking allowed in vehicles?

Smoking is not allowed in any of the Campervans


How do I book a Campervan?

Once you have decided on which campervan you would like to hire, and you are happy with the hire price, simply click ‘request a booking’ or ‘instant booking’.

Once you request a booking, a request will be sent to the Campervan owner. At this stage you will be able to click onto a tab to be able to communicate with the owner via the HAC system. This gives you the ability to ask additional questions or request additional info prior to confirming your booking.

Once the owner has accepted your booking request you can confirm your booking, you will be prompted thru to the secure payment screen. You will need to re-confirm your booking details, including your drivers lincence details for verification and accept the HAC T & C’s. Once your credit card payment has been processed and cleared for the full hire amount you will be sent a booking confirmation.


Can I do a one-way hire?

Some owners will accept a one-way hire, this will be shown in the Campervan listing. As long as the owner has offered this feature you can book a one way hire as long as the drop off location is shown in the listing. There will be an additional one way hire fee if applicable.

How do I contact the Owner and am I allowed?

We understand communicating with the owner prior to confirming your booking can provide you comfort that you have chosen the best Campervan for your needs, so we have the ability for you to communicate with the owner before you confirm or pay for your booking.

Once you request a booking, a request will be sent to the Campervan owner. At this stage you will be able to click onto a tab to be able to communicate with the owner via the HAC system. This gives you the ability to ask additional questions or request additional info prior to confirming your booking.

Our privacy act means we are not allowed to give out any private details until the booking is confirmed and paid.


How do I pay once I have booked?

You are able to pay via our secure payment system, we can accept Visa & Mastercard.
Once you confirm your booking you will be prompted to our secure payment page for your credit card details.


Do I have to pay in full once I confirm my booking?

Yes, once you request the booking and the owner has accepted the booking you will need to pay the full amount to secure your booking. We have a cancelation policy and schedule, please see the HAC T & C’s.


What currency will I be charged in?

You will be charged in NZD, your credit card company is responsible for the conversion rate or any conversion fees that may apply. 

What fees/taxes are included in my booking?

There is a 10% booking fee, a cleaning fee if applicable (not all owners will have a cleaning fee), all insurance fees including excess/bond reduction fee if applicable, one way hire fee if applicable (not all owners allow one-way hires), GST is included in your final hire price.

What if I need to shorten/cancel my booking due to an emergency?

We understand that circumstances may occur that means you may have to shorten your trip, however as our vehicles are all privately owned, refunds are determined at the Owner’s discretion.
Please refer your travel insurance policy as it may cover you for any losses I the event of an emergency.

Can I change my booking dates prior to my trip?

This will depend on whether your Campervan is available, you will be able to contact the owner and discuss the ability to extend your hire.


What is HAC cancellation policy for the Hirer?

Policy A - Full Refund - On or before 72 hours of the rental starts, Full refund excluded service fee.
Policy B - Half Refund - On or before 48 hours of the rental starts , Half refund excluded service fee.
Policy C - No Refund - On or before 24 hours of the rental starts , No refund .

What happens if the Owner cancels my booking?

If the owner cancels you will be refunded the full amount of your hire plus an additional $250.00 to help you with securing another Campervan.

Insurance for the Hirers:

Am I insured while hiring a Campervan?

HAC has Insurance for liability coverage for Hirers when they hire a Campervan.

HAC offers a standard insurance cover (liability coverage) which comes automatically with all hires.

A security bond of NZD $3,500 will be charged on the Hirer's credit card 7 days before the start of the hire. This amount will the automatically refunded 7 days after the hire except in the event of an accident or damage to the vehicle while it's out for hire.


What do I do if I am in an accident or cause damage to the vehicle?

The Hirer should contact the proper emergency channels, the Owner of the vehicle, and the HAC team. 


Do I have to report all damage to the vehicle during the hire?

If the Campervan is damaged at all (either very minor of major) during the hire you should report this damage straight away to our HAC team, no later than 24 hours after the incident. It should also be reported to the Owner and noted on the handover report at the completion of your hire.

What am I not covered for with the insurance?

HAC has a fleet insurance policy that covers the Campervan owners for damage to a Campervan when hired through the HAC website.

The insurance does not cover Hirers for:

  • Any lost days due to a breakdown for example
  • Loss of your personal items
  • Accommodation or rental cars due to a breakdown or accident
  • Compensation for cancelled bookings or rebooking into another campervan, please refer to HAC’s T & c’s.